333 County Road 557, Farmersville, TX 75442

History of Farmersville Muslim Cemetery

  • The Muslim population of Collin County & Dallas Metroplex has doubled in the last 10 years
  • Increase of Muslim population in Collin County from 6000 in year 2000 to 23,000 by year 2018
  • The increasing cost of burial at Restland in Richardson, current charges are $15,000+
  • Denton Muslim cemetery have limited inventory of burial slots with only 1800 remaining and they are already serving 10+ Muslim communities in DFW
  • Currently Muslim deaths across North Texas are averaging 20-30 a month

Farmersville Muslim Cemetery Journey so far


Established Vision to build a Muslim Cemetery


Purchased 34 acres of land in the City of Farmersville
Hired Half Associates as the Architect


Architectural plan submitted to the City of Farmersville


City of Farmersville denied preliminary plat to build Cemetery
In Sept, US DOJ Opened Investigation


US DOJ filed lawsuit against the City of Farmersville
City of Farmersville Approved settlement with IACC
In Dec, Preliminary Plat was approved


In April, US DOJ settled lawsuit with City of Farmersville
In July, Submitted Final Plat
Both City and County approved Final Plat


Groundbreaking, Site Development, Website Launch


The Cemetery is open effective June 10, 2021

Project Timeline and Status

  • Construction started May 18th, 2020
  • Construction completed - 100%
  • The Cemetery is operation effective June 10th,2021